Dermalogica is the number one choice of skin care professionals and consumers worldwide.
Award-winning products free of ingredients known to cause skin sensitization.
No matter the skin concern, Dermalogica offers a full range of product segments to optimize your skin's health.
As well as stocking the retail line of Dermalogica products we’re also offering professional Dermalogica skin treatments. These skin treatments are fully customisable facials - that can be tailored to your skins needs. Being one of the worlds’ leading skincare brands you can be confident that there’s a product to suit your skin and get the best results. Dermalogica’s Smart system contains advanced ingredients that are proven to impact the biochemical reactions that contribute to skin health.




We carry CND Nail products for their superior formulas in Shellac which gives our manicures and pedicures the advantage of their long lasting staying power. Give yourself the freedom to wear your favorite color for 14+ days with no nail damage upon removal. For nails that are as strong as you are.​

Price list

  • Mini manicure OPI- File and polish 20 minutes £18

  • Manicure OPI Infinite Shine- File, cuticles and polish 30 minutes £28.00
  • Gel manicure- File, cuticles and gel polish 45 minutes £35.00 
  • Express pedicure OPI- File, cuticles and polish 30 minutes £24.50
  • Pedicure OPI infinite Shine- File, cuticles, dead skin removal and polish 45 minutes £36.50
  • Gel pedicure- File, cuticles, dead skin removal and gel polish 1 hour £45.00
  • Gel shape & paint Nail shape and gel polish 30 minutes £30.00



New OPI Infinite Shine

Our longest lasting lacquer  Upgrade your manicure for up to 10 days of gel-like wear and shine. Achieve the flawless gel effect manicure without the lamp with OPI Infinite Shine. OPI Infinite Shine promises a trademark crème finish in a variety of different ultra-rich shades. Apply one coat of the essential OPI Infinite Shine Top Coat Gloss to seal in OPI excellence and create a durable finish. After experiencing the high-shine gloss and fashion-forward shades remove just like you would a normal nail varnish, finishing off the process in the same way you started; mess-free with no damage to the natural nail.

Price list

  • Mini manicure OPI  - File, polish 20 minutes £ 17.00

  • Manicure infinitive Shine - File, cuticles and polish 30 min. £ 28.00
  • Gel manicure File, cuticles and gel polish 45 minutes £35.00
  • Express pedicure OPI File, cuticles and polish 30 minutes £27.50
  • Pedicure OPI infinitive Shine File, cuticles, dead skin removal, mask and polish 45 minutes £41.50
  • Gel pedicure File, cuticles, dead skin removal, mask and gel polish 1 hour £45.00
  • Gel shape & paint Nail shape and gel polish 30 minutes £28.00
Skin Care


Our waxing services can be done with soft wax or hot wax, at your choice. Soft wax, also known as strip wax, is the type most people are familiar with and is removed with strips of thin paper or muslin. Hot or hard wax is more commonly used on bikini lines, and is spread thickly over the hair, left to harden a little, before being pulled straight off. While soft wax tends to be better for larger areas, hard/hot wax can be less painful.