What is a Tanino Hair BOTOX Treatment?


Treatment for cuticles alignment, volume reduction, repair split ends; for dry damaged and lifeless hair. 

Recommended: Reduction of volume and frizz, seal of split ends and dry or dehydrated hair. 

Results: Aligned cuticles, sealed split ends, promotes the replacement of hydrolipidic , keratin and minerals in the hair fiber that is damaged, dry and with no movement. Nourished and silky hair that reflects more shine. 

Why is our BOTOX Treatment better for you hair than Tanino Organic Taninoplastia smoothing systems?

  • If you want to repair your hair and make them shiny, and frizz-free, but keep its natural texture, hair botox is best for you. ... If you're hoping for the smoothing benefits and achieve straight hair, a Tanino enzymtherapie  treatment is for you.

  • It’s compatible with all hair types: curly, straight, coarse, frizzy, thick, thin hair.

  • Its formula contains tannin associated with wheat germ proteins that repair all cuticle layers, fill in the fissures and retain inner humidity of the fibers.

  • The use of this product is essential in many treatments; when the wheat protein is bound to other amino acids, it intensifies repair and sealing, increased the adhesion of active ingredients and provides strength and density to the layers affected by chemical and physical protocols.

  • The combination of the three active components tannin, hydrolyzed keratin, and hydrolyzed wheat protein results in a safe and unique treatment. Hydrolyzed proteins have great penetration and high absorption.


Duration: 1.5 hours

Price: from £110