PerfecTress® TAPE WEFT

It creates instant Volume, Highlights or Length, Fast and Clean. Our tape wefts are the latest innovation in tape weft hair extension application. Perfectress Tape weft is the ultimate way to adapt or completely change your existing hair style. Our tape weft is very quick and easy to apply. A typical lengthening service takes around 45 minutes, whilst adding volume takes around 20 minutes depending on the amount of tape wefts used. Our tape wefts use an ultra-thin and transparent weft and are made from genuine human cuticle Remy hair. They are virtually undetectable and very comfortable to wear due to the extremely thin weft tape.  

Re-usable extensions

Our  tape wefts are far superior to many products currently on the market, due to the unique way of attaching the tape to the weft and the high quality tape used. That's why we guarantee that Our tape weft can last at least 6 weeks but usually last much longer.
Our tape wefts are re-usable, when you remove the tape weft from the natural hair the original tape stays on the weft. Simply apply our special blue tape over the original tape and your extensions can be used for a second, third or even fourth time.

Why You should use tape wefts:


  • Price starts from only £99.00 for adding volume.

  • Perfect tape is manufactured with an ultra-thin transparent tape like bond.

  • Quick and easy to apply, the fast way to add length, volume and highlights to natural hair.

  • Perfect tape is only 38mm wide and the corners are rounded so that the corners do not stick out and catch the brush or comb.

  • No more tape sticking to the natural hair after removal.

  • Re-usable again and again due to the unique way of attaching the tape to the weft.

  • Suitable for fine and thinning hair.

  • Available in 35cm/14"and 45cm/18", each pack contains 8 pieces and there are 28 natural and beautiful shades to choose from.​


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PerfecTress® MICRO RINGS


They are innovative, all-in-one hair extensions, in which the hair and application ring are built in one streamlined design. Each Transformation Connection can then be applied to natural hair without the use of any heat, glue or weaving. The finished look is natural and beautiful. Price starts from only £99.00 for adding volume.


Re-usable extensions

Hair Safety, No glue-No heat-No weaving means NO DAMAGE to natural hair. Unlike traditional micro-ring application there is no metal to hair contact Transformation connections can be easily removed; there is no residue to wash out of hair and no need to purchase expensive removing fluid. The ring at the top of each Transformation Connection limits the amount of natural hair that can be used to apply each extension. The weight ratio is perfectly equal so you can only pull through hair which weights the same amount as the hair extension. This design feature prevents tension at the root and stops natural hair being put under pressure by heavy extensions at the root.

Easy to maintain. Easy application Reusable concept

Transformation Connections are reusable up to 3 times after the first application making the system less wasteful. Your client can wear them for a year if they are refitted every 12 weeks or 3 months. When Transformation Connections are removed with the Transformer they are instantly ready to be reapplied. In comparison with other hair extension products this turns out to be less expensive than most other systems. Making it more affordable by a larger group of clients that now can have a high grade product for less money.

All hair is genuine human cuticle Remy hair.Transformation Connections create an extremely natural and beautiful finish - the opposite of the fake look of so many other types of extensions. Wide range of colours available including pre-mixed shades

Transformation Connections comes in two different widths- small and medium. Stylists can create a bespoke look for their clients based on the overall look the client wants to achieve and the natural thickness of their hair.



PerfecTress® PRE-BONDED


Hair extensions are applied strand by strand with the use of heat or through cold fusion application. Our hair extensions are made from finest human Remy quality cuticle hair. Pre-bonded hair extensions will arrive at your salon ready for you to attach discretely to your client's hair. Our exclusive pro-lock keratin bond group strands of hair together to create beautiful pre-bonded extensions which are easy to apply and virtually undetectable once professionally applied. Our pre-bonded extensions can be removed simply using our gentle removing fluid; your client's natural hair will not be damaged.

Longer lasting


The keratin bonds which bind to the clients natural hair during application process are discrete and completely comfortable. Clients with pre-bonded hair extensions can wash and style their hair as normal without worrying about the bonds dissolving. As long as clients attend regular maintenance appointments pre-bonded extensions can be worn for 2-4 months depending on the rate of hair growth.


Why you should use pre-bonded extensions:

•Safe for natural hair – Our exclusive pro-lock keratin bonds mimic the molecular structure of human hair which makes it less damaging to natural hair.

• Easy application - Hair is pre-bonded and ready to use

• Strong but supple bonds provide a natural look and flat appearance.

• Stylists can create smaller, finer extensions for areas like the temple and the front of the head.

• Hair can be washed and styled as normal.

• Pre-bonded hair extensions can be easily removed by dissolving the bond using a gentle de-polymerizing lotion


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