Tanino Enzymotherapy Smoothing Treatment

Moisture and humidity has a clear effect on our hair, the daily effects can cause unwanted frizz and unruly looks. But at last we have found an innovative solution for your daily hair needs.

The Tanino Enzymotherapy Treatment is the next generation of keratin treatments that avoid the use of harmful formaldehyde. Tanino offers a 100% organic and glyoxylic acid-free treatment to ensure a silky smooth result with every use.

How does Tanino Enzymotherapy Treatment work?

This patented technology is produced by extracting the highest grade of Tannic Acid from the Black Wattle tree. Using Nanotechnology, Tannic Acid is activated through the application of heat and traction through the use of a hair dryer or flat iron to smoothen the hair strands. This organic alternative avoids the use of harmful formaldehyde with all the positive effects of a keratin treatment. You can expect results to last up to six months depending on your hair maintenance routines.

The treatment has been widely used across the world for several years with it popularity as a non-toxic alternative to formaldehyde based products. The success of Tanino has been recorded in countries across Europe and South America with successful results in straightening and restructuring the hair on a molecular level.

Why choose Tanino Enzymotherapy Treatment over conventional keratin treatments?

Tanino is compatible with all hair types from thick to fine, curly to straight, coarse and frizzy. With the application of Tanino, your hairstylist can control the treatment to create any desired look from super straight to curly and bouncy. This is a welcomed change from the single outcome of super straight hair from the common keratin treatment.

Contact us today to condition and restore youth to your hair with a treatment that will last from 4 to 6 months. Tanino delivers silky smooth hair with no waiting time to wash, which allows you to colour or highlight your hair straight after your Tanino treatment.

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